Дата публикации: 17.04.2021

Hell Spawn текст песни - Morbid Angel



You are the One, the Oldest  One  You come before the legends of men  You come before the legends of gods  You are the Sea, Creator of All    You're all I need, For You I bleed  Plant Your Seed, Earth shall feed  Enlighten my soul, Spirit grows  Born of Fire, I shall return    I am the Hellspawn    Curse from my eyes, your gods I defy  Fulfillment is mine, of the Most High  Born of the Fire, I shall return  Answer the Call of the Oldest One    I am the Hellspawn    Forever I am, in Spirit I am  Forever I Dream, Continual Dream  We Sleep undisturbed again  Chthhulhu We Dream in the Peace again    I am the Hellspawn